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224 Broadway Paducah, KY  


We are excited to bring you a new food experience! 

We bring you food with thought, to provide your body with quality sustenance, to fuel your brain and keep you focused and functioning throughout your busy day!

Our Mission

1. To provide our community with nutritious food options. 

2. To make it easier for our neighbors to choose healthy options when time is so limited these days. 

3. To help our customers gain or keep control of their health and balance their lives. 

Our Name

Our name comes from the location of our retail store which is located at 224 Broadway. During the 1937 flood, the water filled the building on Broadway and left its mark behind.   

Our Start 

In the Summer of 2015, the Highwater team tested our juice at the Farmer's Market Pop-Up Juice stand.  Did you check it out? The success of those few hours inspired us to keep developing delicious and healthy food.  

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